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Evaluation and estimate

Every project starts with a thorough evaluation !

Project evaluation

A steel structure expert visits the project site to analyze the true needs of the building to be built. He will be able to estimate all aspects of the project: type of structure needed, estimated delays, as well as design plans and specifications.


Cost estimates

After the initial evaluation, a precise cost estimate for the construction of the project will be established. The estimate includes all expenses to be expected. No surprises and no hidden fees!

The cost estimate includes: the plan designs, the various component fabrication, the steel structure installation and the labor required to complete your project.


Engineering and design

Metal structures: Our expertise, from engineering to design !

At ELITE STEEL STRUCTURES, we leave nothing to chance !

Our experts not only ensure that the building will be constructed in full compliance with building codes and engineering practices, but they also make sure to calculate the loads that will be applied structure according to the geographical area where it is built. Wind, snow, earthquakes, wear and tear. nothing is left to chance. Our steel frames are designed to last and face all weather hazards safely.


Factory manufacturing

All components used to fabricate our steel structures are manufactured at our Saint-Eustache factory.

We are therefore able to supervise all operations since no subcontractors are used and operate flawless quality control at all stages of project design.


Assembly and installation

An assembly team is sent to the construction site to take charge of the metal structure installation with its various components and erect the building frame. The team is supervised at all times by a steel structure specialist who makes sure operations runs smoothly and ensures site safety.

We have all necessary equipment to install our steel structures and our project managers and machine operators are qualified and experienced.

Whatever the size of the site, the nature of the project and the region where it is located, we will do everything in our power to offer you the highest quality service.



Making your most ambitious projects a reality is our mission!

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to create exceptional steel structures
and metal frames over the years. We are proud to share some of our realizations
and make you discover our expertise.

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